CoAP can put IoT to REST

This is a 4 min readHTTP is ok for Web, but for WoT (Web-Of-Things) it cannot be HTTP but WoT still would need a Req/Res paradigm. The answer is UDP based light weight CoAP. CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) is a specialized wire protocol which is built on top of UDP to provide HTTP/REST like Req/Res paradigm for constrained devices. Basing on… Continue reading

API Discovery and Documentation

This is a 2 min readCurse of REST style APIs – Documentation Making APIs accessible or discoverable are becoming overloaded terms and means different things to different people. 2 different perspectives The companies which are trying to monetize their APIs may want make it more easy to understand.  They want the users to know how to use the API  and may be to try… Continue reading