TAPO for Airports – A Streaming usecase

Airports, especially the busy ones face an interesting challenge when it comes to serving the commuters, they need a smoother way to handle passengers in queues without long frustrating waits and thereby elevate the overall experience. No one likes to wait/stand in long queues. But airports, unfortunately, have lots of queues one for check-in, baggage… Continue reading

RTOS Roundup for IoT

I have been musing about my views on IoT gateways, protocols and how to handle message inflow from different forms of  “things” in IoT. For a change I wanted to focus on the ingredients of a “thing”. “Things” may or may not be constrained or constrained for different things depending on the context. either case the key ingredient is… Continue reading

Citi Mobile and IoT Challenge US 2014

This is the actual vision of the challenge as quoted by Citi. “The Citi Mobile Challenge U.S. is a virtual competition hosted by Citi that is designed to accelerate digital banking innovation by bringing together the most talented and creative developers and designers in the world to create cutting-edge applications for Citi’s Digital Banking Platforms” This… Continue reading

“Radio could be the missing link which can transform IoT” – Standford Researchers

When I was writing about GoTennas I was wondering about this very point , will radio based advancement take IoT to the next level. Look at what Standford University reasearchers have come up with. A tiny, ant-sized radio chip that can power itself has been created with the aim of providing connections between all our devices.  Entirely powered… Continue reading