Reading AI predictions – Part 2, Future of “jobs”, not so bleak

This is a 8 min readIn the first edition of this multi-part series, I briefly touched upon the evolution of the machines with respect to our minds and how AI predictions are taken out of context. Also, I made a couple of counter-intuitive observations about jobs of the future. But the key takeaway is: AI is far from magic (at least when… Continue reading

Reading AI predictions – Part 1, Take’ em with a pinch of salt

This is a 9 min readPlease start with the original post and come back to the updates. So, you will know how the updates dovetail with the substance of this original post. Update 13/Nov/2018: Here is another piece by Twiggle on medium that validates the substance of this series.  Update 27/July/2018: I recently came across this book and the substance… Continue reading

Fighting climate change at scale and pace

This is a 4 min readDecentralization: Dilution of power and authority The fundamental idea behind the cryptocurrency revolution (almost synonymous to Bitcoin revolution) is the paranoia that banks and financial systems, the fabric of the modern economics and the quintessential intermediaries can make some grave mistakes again which can potentially cause a financial meltdown (like the one that happened in… Continue reading