Reading AI predictions – Part 2, Future of “jobs”, not so bleak

This is a 8 min readIn the first edition of this multi-part series, I briefly touched upon the evolution of the machines with respect to our minds and how AI predictions are taken out of context. Also, I made a couple of counter-intuitive observations about jobs of the future. But the key takeaway is: AI is far from magic (at least when… Continue reading

Reading AI predictions – Part 1, Take’ em with a pinch of salt

This is a 9 min readPlease start with the original post and come back to the updates. So, you will know how the updates dovetail with the substance of this original post. Update 13/Nov/2018: Here is another piece by Twiggle on medium that validates the substance of this series.  Update 27/July/2018: I recently came across this book and the substance… Continue reading