My ML/DL Portfolio

This is a 1 min readHere is a index of all my Ml/DL experiments.I largely focus on NLP. Do check out and share your comments feedbacks ! # Project Type ML/DL Domain Project Description Solution Link LB Score Rank 1 Kaggle NLP Movie Sentiment Review analysis Fasttext + BiLSTMCNN Notebook 0.70172 3rd 2 Kaggle NLP++ Application Screening TfIdf +… Continue reading

Terminology confusion: Column Stores and Column oriented databases

This is a 3 min readThis is my attempt to clear the air in the subjects of Column Stores and Column oriented databases (both at terminology and at understanding level). I will be talking a bit about how terrible is the idea of grouping column oriented databases as flavour of NoSQL data stores. What is a column store really ? There is no scope… Continue reading

“Exactly-once” with a Kafka-Storm Integration

This is a 4 min readUpdate 4, Nov 2016: When I first wrote this post it was outright mockery and contempt. But the Google Data flow paper (The Unified google framework for Batch (FlumeJava) and Stream processing (MillWheel)) and the Google MillWheel paper clearly explains that this is exactly the same approach google team has taken to solve the duplicate events problem…. Continue reading

API Discovery and Documentation

This is a 2 min readCurse of REST style APIs – Documentation Making APIs accessible or discoverable are becoming overloaded terms and means different things to different people. 2 different perspectives The companies which are trying to monetize their APIs may want make it more easy to understand.  They want the users to know how to use the API  and may be to try… Continue reading

Open Innovation Platform

This is a 1 min readThis is a bit off topic for this blog, but still i felt compelled that having a solid platform for innovation is inevitable and required for any engineering discipline. so here is it – my thoughts on building a solid automated (most parts) innovation platform. Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts.