I Love scikit-learn and NLTK for python

This is a 1 min readI have been recently trying out scikit-learn and NLTK with python mostly “classifying” data. As they say its the best available combination to “teach yourself data science”. I am in love with the features like the pre-packed corpora it comes with like movie reviews. NLTK comes with 50 corpora and lexical resources which you can play around… Continue reading

Citi Mobile Challenge submission – Round 1

This is a 1 min readAs a follow up to the previous post on Citi mobile challenge, I am happy to inform that my concept “RetailBanking 2.0” has been selected and hence I can participate in the Citi mobile challenge. Here is the confirmation of the same. As promised once the competition is over I will share my concept. For now… Continue reading

Citi Mobile and IoT Challenge US 2014

This is a 1 min readThis is the actual vision of the challenge as quoted by Citi. “The Citi Mobile Challenge U.S. is a virtual competition hosted by Citi that is designed to accelerate digital banking innovation by bringing together the most talented and creative developers and designers in the world to create cutting-edge applications for Citi’s Digital Banking Platforms” This… Continue reading