My ML/DL Portfolio

Here is a index of all my Ml/DL experiments.I largely focus on NLP. Do check out and share your comments feedbacks !

# Project Type ML/DL Domain Project Description Solution Link LB Score Rank
1 Kaggle NLP Movie Sentiment Review analysis Fasttext + BiLSTMCNN Notebook 0.70172 3rd
2 Kaggle NLP++ Application Screening TfIdf + Log Regression Notebook 0.7721 N/A
3 Kaggle NLP Whats Cooking LSTM + CNN Notebook 0.75 N/A
4 Other Regression/Time Series Airport Taxi Demand Forecast Scikit Notebook NA N/A
5 Other Regression Salary Prediction LightGBM Notebook NA N/A
6 EDA NA Global Suicidal Rates Python Notebook NA N/A
7 Other NLP Deduplicate postal address pairs without Address normalisation Python Notebook NA N/A
8 Other NLP Sequence modelling (n:1) : Predict the numerical hour from timings mentioned in longer sentences. Python Notebook NA N/A
9 Other NLP Machine Translation – Encoder Decoder without Attention. Python Notebook NA N/A